Fidget Cube: Because your hands have nothing better to do


I’m quite skeptical about this fidget cube, which is said to be a stress reliever and anti-anxiety toy. Hey, when I’m all stressed out, I buy stuff (hence, retail therapy) and I eat (hence, the less than svelte figure). So, why should I even bother?

The original fidget cube was created by Matthew and Mark McLachlan. They put it up on Kickstarter with a measly goal of $15,000. They described it as “a high-quality desk toy that helps you focus.” I’m pretty sure it has a germ of truth in there, somehow, but I’m too lazy to fact-check. What I’m really amazed about is that the teeny tiny cube was backed by more than 154,000 people for a staggering $6,465,690. Ka-ching!

I missed out on backing the fidget cube, but it’s not something that’s a critical “must-have”  (unlike a Funko Pop! Godfather Vito Corleone which you must own!). Besides, after the Kickstarter campaign ended, knock-offs flooded the internet.

To cut the story short, I bought one from an actual toy store.


It’s better than I expected in terms of built and materials used. Pretty neat actually.  It has bit of heft so it doesn’t feel like a total knock-off. It has the six sides where each side has something for you to fidget with:

  1.  A tactile gear with ball (Roll)
  2. A rotating dial (Spin)
  3. Clickable buttons (Click)
  4. A switch button (Flip)
  5. A joystick (Glide)
  6. A “worry stone” face you can rub (Breathe)

Does it help reduce anxiety? I’m not sure, but it sure made me focus on fidgeting that I no longer worry about being anxious. If not for its (unapproved) therapeutic claims, you can buy this just for the sheer novelty of it.

Amazon has it on stock, but I’m not certain about the quality.  You can check it out.



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