Riverdale: Archie and the gang get edgy


So the first season of Riverdale has wrapped up and you still have no idea what it is? Let’s just say, it’s the wild re-imagining of The Archie’s comic book. It’s so bizarre but it’s highly entertaining with intriguing plots and edgy characters.

This is not the Archie and the gang you grew up with. Examples of how bizarre Riverdale is:

  • Jason Blossom was murdered.
  • Archie had an affair with Ms. Grundy.
  • Betty and Jughead hitting it off. (Yes, in that way)
  • Veronica’s mom and Archie’s dad has a past

And there are more, but I don’t want to spoil it.

Before you make a leap to Season 2, I suggest reading these primers to get you up to speed. The stories tie directly into the TV series.


Riverdale One Shot


Road to Riverdale


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