Funko Mini Mystery Figures

Funko seems to have a monopoly on cuteness! Just when we thought we’re on the road to Funko addiction recovery, they released the Mystery Minis!

These minis come in blind boxes (hence, the name) so there’s the excitement of not knowing what’s inside the box until you open them. Of course, the downside is that you can get duplicates and it will take a while to complete the set. But if you’re like us, we’ll just buy entire boxes.

Now, the question is where do you start?  Easy, pick the cutest and then move on to the next cutest, then the next, and the…well, you know how it is.

Here are some of the Mystery Minis sets you can start with.

You can’t go wrong with Harry Potter.


Or the Disney Villains and Baddies (yes, we like the dark side).


Oscar-winning Zootopia characters are adorable too.


How about a legion of Barbies?


How about some Moana?


Finding Dory is a perfect choice as well.


It’s hard to tell which ones are cuter than the other, but it’s clear that resistance is futile.


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