GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger That Clings on Windows


You never have to worry about low-battery notifications when you’re outdoors with this  quick-charge mobile phone solar charger. It comes with a mini suction cup so you can mount on car and plane windows. This is power bank, nature-style.


SOLAR ENERGY – The 4.5 volt, 0.4 watt solar panel absorbs energy from sunlight to recharge the internal 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

QUICK CHARGE –  Can recharge phone up to 40%. Quickly recharge by plugging the USB cable to laptop or PC and will be fully charged in 4 hours.

LIGHT IT UP – A color changing LED cycles through 6 colors illuminating the rim of the assembly while in use. Four blue LEDs indicates the current charge of the internal battery. Green LED illuminates while internal battery is being charged.

INCLUDES: 4-in-1 charging cable includes a micro, mini, 30 pin, and 8 pin connector compatible with  iPhone, iPad, or Android device.



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