10 Stranger Things Items for the Hardcore Fan

Stranger Things is phenomenal. We absolutely love it! Perhaps because it’s a throwback to the glorious years of the ’80s; an homage to anything ’80s (or anything Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, or John Carpenter).

To the uninitiated, Stranger Things is a Netflix original TV series created by The Duffer Brothers. Set in a fictitious Indiana town of Hawkins, the story revolves around the investigation on the disappearance of a young boy, by his brother, mother and the police chief. This is while strange supernatural things are happening in the sleepy town.

It’s a great TV series and it’s not a surprise that it has a cult following. Fans are now starting to collect anything related to the series. We’re here to help.

Here are some of Stranger Things Items every hardcore fan should have.

1. Funko Pop Stranger Things Characters


This is a no-brainer! Of course we want every Stranger Things character in stylized vinyl version! Here’s a set of 8 for starters. The set includes  Eleven, Demogorgan, Barb, Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, and Joyce.


2. Stranger Things Poster


This 24 x 36 Stranger Things poster is just iconic. It reminds us so much of Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, and Sci-Fi films of the decade (the 1980s).


3. Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation – Glass Coffee Mug


This Stranger Things-inspired Glass Coffee Mug is a great way to start the morning.


4.  Stranger Things Waffle T-Shirt


Eleven’s love affair with Eggo frozen waffles is real in this shirt.



5. Stranger Things 10 Charms Lobster Clasp Bracelet 


This is the only bracelet you need if you are a Stranger Things fan. See if you can figure out how each charm relate to the TV series.



6. Hawkins Middle School 1983 Sweatshirt Hoodie


School is fictional, but the hoodie is real!



7. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Stranger Things Vol.1 Vinyl LP


Bring out the turntable! Let’s walk down memory lane when there were no digital downloads or CDs and music were not streamed. Kids, ask your grandparents about it.


8. Stranger Things Logo – Enamel Pin Inspired by Stranger Things

From the seller: “Pins are individually polybagged and do not give you the ability to move large objects with your mind.”



9. Stranger Things Eggo Waffles 3 1/2 Inch Wide Embroidered Iron On Patch


Your ’80s denim jacket needs this Eggo Waffles patch.



10. Eleven’s Waffle-Scented Candle


Waffle-scented candle. Enough said.

Waffle sold separately.



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