Qwerkywriter for the Quirky Writer

Let’s walk down memory lane and check out this quirky Kickstarter campaign in 2015:



Presenting, the Qwerkywriter, the typewriter-inspired wireless mechanical keyboard created by Qwerkytoys, Inc.

Those who are too young to know what a typewriter is would probably wonder what the hell is this monstrosity and why is it being produced. Well, this keyboard mimics the clicky feel of the mechanical keyboard of the past. But this time with USB and/or Bluetooth integration.

Surely, the folks at Qwerkytoys must have terribly missed the clickety-clackety sound of archaic typewriter keys striking the ribbon  to create a carbon impression onto the paper.

Qwerkywriter is compatible with MacBooks

The Qwerkywriter sells for S309.95 on Amazon and $407 on eBay. Yes, nostalgia can be a little pricey.

Think of it as the keyboard of the future if we’re living in the 1860s.



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